The Sunglass Siesta…


I find myself struggling to wrap my head around how we have arrived in the month of October already!

We’ve now officially said “so long” to Summer, and each day that familiar Fall feeling is inching its way closer to my heart. As the days quickly pass, I notice how Dawn sleeps in a bit later…while Dusk greets me a wee bit earlier. 

Last week I was listening to the sound of the rain outside my window.  When I looked out to see the dark grey sky, I realized that I once again had taken Summer for granted. I did what many of us do…I drifted through the beautiful sunkist days as though there would be a never ending supply.

Summer always seems to arrive with a lighthearted, leisurly attitude, then it dazzles us with long, balmy, blue skied days.  We get romanced into believing it’s here forever…so we don’t think twice about skipping a few late night sunsets, or forfeiting the odd beach BBQ.

The next thing you know, theres a chill in the air and you find yourself in a Costco aisle standing in front of giant displays of Halloween candy thinking…”how the hell did I get here???

This year in particular, as my seasonal reality set in, I could almost feel Mother Nature shaking her head in disapproval.  She knew I could have packed a little more into my Summer, so when I glanced over to see my sunglasses taking a Siesta, I felt a few pangs of guilt mixed with a hint of shame.

But then I remembered how Mother Nature gifts us with 4 very distinctly different seasons, and each one comes with their own unique charms, temperatures and traditions.

And just like that, I gave myself an attitude adjustment.

It was pretty easy to do considering the past 7 days we’ve had nothing but blue skies and sunshine. So even though the air is cooler and the daylight hours are a tad shorter, I’ve been reminded that Fall is one of the most charming seasons of them all.

Besides, I learned my lesson. I’m aware these sunny, crips days aren’t going to last long.  So I’ve woken my sunglasses from their Siesta and together we are going do with Fall what we didn’t fully do with Summer…appreciate and embrace this beautiful season for exactly what it is.

This means relishing (and potentially photographing) all the yellow and red crunchy leaves that line my path. Taking a moment to watch the squirrels as they playfully shimmy up the tree trunks (while keeping a firm grip on the leash of my dog).

It means layering myself in cozy sweaters and soft scarves, then getting out there to take full advantage of this incredibly colorful season.

Yes, this Fall I plan to make Mother Nature proud, cause I can feel her familiar dark, rainy Winter season looming around the corner. And when that sets in…my sunglasses won’t be the only thing curling up to take the occasional Siesta.

For today friends…this is The World As Eye See it

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