Time Keeps on Ticking…


This clock hangs on my kitchen wall.  Truth be told, it doesn’t work anymore, it hasn’t for a couple of years now. But I still love it and am not quite ready to part with it…and so it remains. Every now and then I move the hands around just to keep things interesting. 

It’s been written (and widely stated) how “Time is our most valuable commodity”, yet it’s not one we can attach a price to. And while we may all get the same 24 hours in a day, each of us will spend, utilize and value that time very differently.

Once a year in the Fall (thanks to the end of daylight savings), we experience a little magic. We quite literally get to turn back time! Though it may only be for an hour, I’m one of the millions out there who relish in it. That extra hour on a chilly Autumn Sunday morning is a blissful little gift.

Our devices will automatically update this time change for us, therefore we wake up somewhat adjusted.  But I love that old fashioned moment that comes later on…say about 1/2 way through the afternoon. While puttering around in the kitchen, you look over to notice you hadn’t yet turned back the clock on your stove, and suddenly it’s like gaining that extra hour all over again.

Recently a few friends and I got to chatting about how quickly the time is passing. We blink and Monday has turned into Friday.  Everyone is already busy making their New Years Eve plans, yet we find ourselves thinking “Didn’t we just ring in the new year a few months ago???”

We all agreed how that old cliché is actually ringing true…that the older we get, the quicker time passes. I know the gap between my birthday feels as though its narrowing at a rather rapid pace.

We then realized we have all had the same dream…the one where we get to turn back time  Not just for an hour, but more to a specific era or phase from our past that we cherished and want to experience all over again.  Wouldn’t it be fun to revisit a wild, carefree time from your youth…or maybe the romantic year when you 1st fell in love?  I’d be elated to relive the day my daughter was born (though I might skip the actual childbirth part, and jump right into that moment when she was nestled safely in my arms).

I believe if we all had the chance, we’d happily go back and steal a little time to be with loved ones we’ve lost along the way.

And as wonderful as it would be to relive some of the great stuff, it would also be fabulous to take back a few unfavorable words spoken, or an unscrupulous mistake made (come on…we have all had at least one).

But we have no magic eraser and our world doesn’t work in reverse…in fact, the one sure thing we can count on, is how the universal clock of life continuously keeps on ticking forward.

I’ve come to realize this is why our memories and photographs become so meaningful. Turns out that reminiscing and recollecting may be the closest thing we get to experiencing a little time travel.

So let’s regularly remind ourselves, that right here and right now is the only real time we actually get.

If we can savor and appreciate all our little moments, for however small or simple they may seem…if we can do some good and shine a little light into each of our days, we will have gained the value of our present and very precious time.

Cause before we know it, today may be the one day we are soon to look back on and say…”Remember when?”

For today friends…this is The World as Eye See It


5 thoughts on “Time Keeps on Ticking…

  1. I love your writing as always. On another note, that clock is fabulous. I don’t know how big it is or what made of but it could be a great serving plate.


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