Every writer knows there are times when we hit a stumbling block.  I’m not just talking about professional or published writers either…I’m talking about the writer that resides inside all of us.   You may not realize it, but you write a lot more than you think, so in essence…we are all writers.

And some days, whether you’re sending an email, writing a song, tweeting, blogging, letter writing, or simply texting…what you are trying to say doesnt come out or come across quite the way you want it to. This is where I found myself over the weekend.

I’m one of those avid note takers…every idea that pops into my head (at least the ones I want to write about), usually gets placed into my notepad, either by writing in the physical one I carry in my purse, or by dictation onto the Notes App on my phone. Later on when I have time, I work at expanding upon these ideas.

So this weekend I had the intention to complete at least a few of the many draft articles I’d been working on (none of which I ended up finishing). For some reason everytime I hunkered down and started to work on them, the words were not flowing.  I couldnt focus on the task at hand.  My thoughts went from a place of feeling slightly stagnant, to venturing out all over the map.  The more I read and re-read…took out this line, or added that thought, the more I kept thinking  “Nope…this just isn’t working”.  I was at a stumbling block.

It felt a bit like the female equivalent to changing an outfit.  You are fully dressed, then just as you’re about to walk out the front door, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the hallway mirror and suddenly nothing looks right! So you switch the top, add a scarf, change the shoes…but it’s still not working.  Then you scrap the entire outfit and put on something completely different.  Now you’ve got a pile of clothes to put away,  your running late…and your still not sure about what you have on.

That’s kinda of where I was at Sunday morning.  I should mention that I see a stumbling block to be different from a writers block (where you stare at a blank page and nothing comes to you). A stumbling block is where the thoughts and words are there, they just seem a little disjointed and don’t flow the way you want them to.

Initially I was feeling frustrated by my  writing unproductively,  but then I decided I was overthinking and trying too hard to make something happen that my brain was clearly not in the mood for. So I took a step back,then a long deep breath and asked myself a simple question…”How do you really feel”?

When I looked around the room, I found my answer in about 10 seconds.

It was Sunday morning, my husband and I had just eaten a delicious breakfast, I’d had a great sleep, and like many of you we were glued to the TV getting updated on the effects and severity of the Hurricane that was hitting Florida.

My husband was curled up to my left…our beloved pets snoozing and purring to my right, and the sun was shining in through the living room window casting a beautiful glow on my favorite wood table.

I suddenly felt GRATEFUL…very, very, very GRATEFUL! It shifted my thought process completely.

Sometimes when our thoughts, our words or our life isn’t flowing the way we want it to…when we feel blocked, stuck and as though we’ve hit a wall…that’s precisely when we have to pause for a moment and just take a breath. Cause as soon as you look around and take stock of what’s literally right in front of you, I promise you will find so many things to feel grateful for.

I realized in that moment, when all else fails…taking a moment to be and feel Grateful is the quickest way to settle our mind and gain an entirely new perspective.

For today friends…this is The World as Eye See it 

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