Traveling Down the Road of Life…


I think it’s safe to say that life pretty much starts out the same for all of us. 1st we are born, then depending upon our parents and family life, we are raised in some way, shape and form.

Throughout our childhood, there are various influences and exposures that mold and effect our outlook and values.  Family, education, environment, the prominent people who surround us etc…this all has a huge impact on who we grow into and the direction we take as we find our way out in the world. Continue reading

REALITY…Is There An “APP” for That?


One of the great thrills with modern technology, has been the invention of the “App”.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use them…from tiny tots to great grannies, we’re all on board the App train.  Everyone has their favorites that are individually customized to phones and other devices. This of course is dependent upon the needs and wants of our own personal lifestyles.

The variety and convenience our Apps provide, is all part of the magic. New and improved versions pop up all the time, and I am not entirely sure how we survived beforehand (yet somehow we did).  Continue reading