REALITY…Is There An “APP” for That?


One of the great thrills with modern technology, has been the invention of the “App”.

I don’t know anyone who doesn’t use them…from tiny tots to great grannies, we’re all on board the App train.  Everyone has their favorites that are individually customized to phones and other devices. This of course is dependent upon the needs and wants of our own personal lifestyles.

The variety and convenience our Apps provide, is all part of the magic. New and improved versions pop up all the time, and I am not entirely sure how we survived beforehand (yet somehow we did). 

I personally still feel kind of “old school” when it comes to what’s “in” from a technology standpoint, however I’m slowly trying to advance in little ways. My Apps assist to keep me feeling somewhat tapped in.

Truth be told, I only use a very small handful of my many Apps. Favorites include weather, Google, banking, GPS, social media and certain photography Apps.

But I recently had quite the reality check…it was one of those powerful light bulb moments that surprised me a little.

I learned that I’ve apparently now joined the ranks of those who’ve become rather reliant on their Apps for daily function, something I swore I’d never do!

It was my husband who actually woke me up to this harsh reality (which is ironic, as I’m always the one hounding him to take time outs from his phone).  We were in the car, and as he was driving I was busy checking my weather App to find out what the forecast had in store.  I read out loud to him how our day was going to be filled with a mix of Sun and scattered Clouds.

He replied by saying…”but couldn’t you have found that out just by looking out the window”???

I suddenly stopped in mid swipe…lifted my head from the down position and looked out of our wide windshield.  And there it was, laid right out before me…a beautiful sky filled with none other than Sunshine and a large mix of scattered Clouds.

We both burst out laughing, which helped dial down my “I now feel like a complete idiot “status.

There was no denying that what was right in front of me was real, raw and playing out in living color…no App required.  I suddenly had this vision of Mother Nature rolling her eyes and shaking her head while quietly mumbling “What am I going to do with these people?”

So while yes it’s true…our Apps are wonderful, they make our world connected, comical, creative and oh so convenient…I  was gently reminded that every now and then we need to turn off the device, lift up our head and get back in touch with our very “REAL” life.

Cause no matter how technologically advanced we continue to be…I’m pretty sure there’s never going to be an App for that!

For today friends…this is The World as Eye See It


2 thoughts on “REALITY…Is There An “APP” for That?

  1. Just read your new blog. What a great idea! I love how you developed it. It really feels like you’re growing by leaps and bounds in the moment, as a writer as well as a creative mind. 🦋🦋🦋🦋

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