Stepping Into the New Year


On the 1st day of 2018…I went walking on what was a bright, beautiful sunny morning.  There’s nothing like beams of sunlight shining down on a frosty New Years day, to lead one to feeling hopeful about what lies ahead. 

The dog and I ended up along a boulevard where I walked right into this sign.  I couldn’t help but laugh, thinking how the Universe was wasting no time in sending me subtle messages. Clearly this one eludes to how I need to get moving a little more this year 🤣

So I bowed to the little stick man and carried on…but his image kept coming into my mind.  I started thinking about those all important 1st steps we take as we embark upon a new year.

Everyone I know seems to be working towards some kind of change these days. A few are taking baby steps in a subtle direction, but I have other friends who are launching bigger steps toward more monumental and significant changes.

For some reason I’ve always struggled with the word “Change”.  I used to think it was because I was a Taurus. When I finally decided to examine it a little more closely, I realized it had to do with my childhood,…as change always represented something big or drastic (thus not always positive or appealing).

I seem to work better with words like alter, enhance or improve uponthose always feel more realistic for me. Though I tend to resist big changes in certain aspects of my life…I find myself craving it in others.

But whatever we want to call it, isn’t the most important step we make towards any kind of change / improvement / alteration / enhancement etc…is that we have the Enthusiasm to do so?

Feeling energized and enthusiastic are powerful driving forces to successful change. Without them, the simplest of good intentions can be followed up by taking a very unintentional step back.

How often have you embarked upon a change with the feeling as though you HAD to make it? When it gets to that point, there’s already an almost pressure-like feeling as we step out of the starting gate. Wouldn’t it be far more rewarding to make a shift because we truly WANT to?

Perhaps that’s our real challenge in life…to find a way in taking those things we have to do, and turn them into things we really want to do.

So here’s to finding our enthusiasm as we go forward with whatever we set out to change this year. May it drive us to feel more positive and motivated as we take the next step forward…then the one after that…and the one after that.

For today friends…this is THE WORLD AS EYE SEE IT

4 thoughts on “Stepping Into the New Year

  1. I don’t believe in amazing coincidences Shann but if I did I’d say this is a big one.

    First, about you.

    I read this half awake very early this morning which I realize now isn’t so bad, my mind hasn’t started to clutter yet.

    (ok, a lot of “I’s” but they lead to you)

    This was the easiest to read, understand, feel, appreciate and most of all give me an AH HAH moment.

    Skip the AH HAH part for now.

    I’ve watched your writing grow leaps and bounds since your first blog. The first ones were great too but I didn’t realize how great of an expression sharer (think I just made that up) you are.

    To me as a reader, I have little patience for story telling that doesn’t flow, or doesn’t flow thru me.

    Which is probably why I haven’t read many great “works”. If my brain can’t breeze and feel thru lines, I stop reading.

    This really is looking like it’s all about me. : )

    But I am the reader after all and because what you wrote stirred so many feelings in me, it really started with you.

    When I first saw the picture, the title, the stick man you grabbed me there.

    The word change is probably the most used word that’s been coming up by others to me. I couldn’t relate to seeing that word or experience as a trauma which professionals insist it is. I didn’t get it. I still don’t get a few “traumas” I’m told are what still lives behind my eyes.

    I was given a book, “The Body Remembers”. I’m still trying to chew thru that but have to say it has had a big influence on pretty much everything of late.

    But this blog!

    You explained, expressed it in a way that felt so pure & crystal clear. And you’re free! lol

    Just wanted to share ~~~~



    And Thank You!


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