All In a Days Work…


I’ve been reminded this past week of the importance in a little getaway. Taking a holiday is always a special treat, even if just for a day or 2. When you can make it a week or more, that’s even better.  The latter may take a little planning and saving, but it’s oh so worth it if you can pull it off.

What constitutes a holiday is different for everyone. For some it requires adventure, like a climb up Mount Kilaminjaro. For others it may be Wine touring in Tuscany, or doing a back roads bike tour in Thailand.

Then there are those of us who delight in the magic that occurs when we take a simple beach holiday.

I believe “simple” is the operative word here, as there’s nothing complicated or overly adventurous when you settle in amongst the sand, the sun and the surf.

Over the years I’ve learned that beach life is a blissful world all it’s own, and there’s no one thing that makes it so. Mother Nature provides a combination of several simple, yet significant elements that blend beautifully together.

Blue sky, warm sunbeams, the palm trees swaying as the salty ocean air wisps through your hair. Sunsets that make you sigh…that silky feel of the sand between your toes, and the ever present sound of the waves as they come crashing in upon the shore. The ocean always makes its presence known and I feel this enormous respect for the power and strength it commands.

At the beach, time has a way of almost standing still. You find yourself living moment to moment…the days quietly drifting in and out of one another. Gone is that sense of urgency, rigid time keeping or agendas of any kind. There’s a freedom that takes over the second you kick off your shoes and walk barefoot in the sand.

In this past week I’ve become a keen observer. Day after long, bright sunny day, I felt myself taking in every part of the beauty that was surrounding me.

I watched while lovers strolled hand in hand, completely immersed in one another…saw adorable young families playing and frolicking together in the sand.

I loved passing by the older couples who sat comfortably together under umbrellas, reading books and occasionally glancing up as the waves danced in front of them. I couldn’t help but feel they’d earned their place in the sun.

Children squealed with delight as they tried relentlessly to outrun the waves…and many a sandcastle was built, washed away then lovingly re-built with tiny hands and eager hearts.

This is what’s known as a days work at the beach…where laughter is your driving force, and fun in the sun becomes the key to unlocking your lightheartedness.

I’ve learned when you release yourself to all the beach has to offer…it balances your spirit somehow and fills you with a sense of ease.

I write this on day #9 of my beautiful 10 day beach getaway. Though I know I will miss it here,  I’m headed back to real life feeling replenished, well nourished and eternally grateful for all I have gained from embracing this beautiful Island life.

For today friends…this is The World As Eye See It

3 thoughts on “All In a Days Work…

  1. I love the sensory overload I feel when I go away to somewhere new. I take no stress with me! Funny how aches and pains disappear, Right!!


  2. Love this, Shannon. You’ve really expressed something that I’ve tried to get across to my family for years. Both my daughters-in-love “get it” completely: the first having grown up in California, and the second having spent summers at a beach home in Rhode Island. So my older two sons are learning to love that slowed-down, relaxation of time spent in the sun, sand, and water, watching the waves and people, swimming, boating, volleyball and just “hanging”. My husband’s idea of a wonderful vacation to to always be “doing” – going to galleries, going to lectures, learning something new, and lots of exercise …. the idea of just sitting with a good book or watching the scenery & “world go by” just “doesn’t compute” for him. And I feel sorry that he’s missing out on something I’ve found so refreshing and rejuvenating – for me. To each his/her own, they say. So our vacations end up with both. He’s welcome to run to all the lectures and spend every minute trying to better himself intellectually. You can find me, however, on the porch or the beach under a huge umbrella, with either a good book or watercolors and pad, in hand, which may or may not be put to use. I may just while away the time, watching the lake and beach and people, or daydreaming in cooler shade, with an occasional dip in the water. And at night there’s always a concert and ice cream. Win-win for both of us.


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