We All Start Somewhere…

Welcome to my 1st blog under “The World As Eye See It”.  It’s here you will find a love of many things, including quotes, photography and regular blog posts covering all kinds of varied topics that relate to our very real and everyday life.

I share this perspective and viewpoint as seen simply through my own “Eye”.

For the last 2 1/2 years I’ve been contributing weekly on a lovely site entitled Me Quito El Sombrero. I began as their only English blogger on an all Spanish website. The experience has been so rewarding and I will always be extremely grateful to my friends  Luz Elena Rubio and Edna Rojas for the wonderful opportunity they bestowed upon me. Their site is now taking a hiatus and I truly hope they will return again one day soon.

My desire is to continue on with this fabulous photographic, literary and soulful journey they got me started upon.

And so the time has come for me to get more creative and resourceful all on my own. It’s a fresh start and I’m excited to dip my paddle in the water and forge ahead in a new direction.

As I embark upon setting up my site, I’m sure there will be a little trial and error as I settle in and get comfortable with this new learning curve.

So I do hope you will check in from time to time, and that what you find here will always be lighthearted, relatable, encouraging, positive, empowering, honest, insightful and above all…enjoyable.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the weeks ahead.

For today friends…this is #theworldaseyeseeit 

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